Paper Flowers Artificial Flowers : Hyacinth

Paper Flowers Artificial Flowers : Hyacinth

Decorate your home with our wholesale home decorative products. We offer the selection of natural look, made of mulberry paper flowers, that will freshen up your home. With the handmade quality of skilled workers in Chiangmai, Thailand. Please see the following information and please feel free to contact us.

– Colours available : red, purple, pink, white, lavender

– Grown in : The eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. (from southern Turkey to northern Israel), northeast of Iran and Turkmenistan.

– Floriology : Unfailing love change variable. Send flower bouquet hyacinths research facilities. Let the people you love. To tell you the love you have for stable always never change.

– Size(M) : 8 x 8 x 74 cm.

– MOQ : 100 – 200 pcs.