Paper Flowers Mulberry Flowers : Hydrangea

Paper Flowers Mulberry Flowers : Hydrangea

Hydrangea Story

By Hands’s signature product is hydrangea collection. A range spanning over 20 colors with inviting names such as Nantucket blue, cranberry, or white cream, each flower pays homage to it’s living inspiration.
Just like a natural hydrangea, these paper flowers are made up of 10 bunches of hydrangea petals, each containing 10 strands of flowers, 100 tiny flowers in all.

– Colours available : please ask for colour chart

– Grown in : Japanese

– Floriology : To beg excuse me, asked forgiveness (according to reconcile with it), because its flowers media language of flowers that sincere unfeigned.

– Size(L) : 15 x 15 x 72 cm.

– MOQ : 100 – 200 pcs.