Paper Flowers Handmade Flowers : Tulip

Paper Flowers Handmade Flowers : Tulip

Decorate your home with our wholesale home decorative products. We offer the selection of natural look, made of mulberry paper flowers, that will freshen up your home. With the handmade quality of skilled workers in Chiangmai, Thailand. Please see the following information and please feel free to contact us.

– Colours available : dark pink, light pink, purple

– Grown in : Country Turkey

– Floriology : Tulips, red means stability in love. The seriousness and sincerity of the giver. Honesty and love with all my heart,
a tulip bright pink represents happiness. Deeper love And nostalgic
tulips, yellow represents a symbol of disappointment
, tulips, white means I sacrificed everything for you. I do not expect a return
tulips, purple represents loyalty. Security
tulips, orange means that conceal hidden. Feeling restless And emotional, filled with sensitivity.

– Size(M) : 6 x 6 x 58 cm.

– MOQ : 100 – 200 pcs.